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SEES Electrical Services and Systems is one of the largest and most experienced teams of power and energy engineers in the industry, with industry-standard software, advanced modeling and analysis capabilities, professional engineers, certified energy managers (CEM) and accredited professionals in commissioning located around the globe. Our comprehensive portfolio of services helps keep your buildings and power systems efficient, reliable, safe and up-to-date.


To keep your system up and running, you need a team of power system experts who are available around the clock. Eaton offers services for every stage of a power system’s life cycle-whether it’s design, build or support. SEES provides on-time delivery of the tested switchboards to site, performs installation and conducts Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) to ensure the switchboards are operable at the sites.


SEES is committed to helping our customers with their energy management initiatives. We assist our clients in technical evaluation of old switchboards in service to ensure a high level of systems availability and to prevent any downtime that may affect the client’s operations.


SEES can specify, develop and manufacture customized products and solutions locally, offering the personalized service and customized solutions you would expect from a small business, but with all the capabilities of a global equipment manufacturer..


SEES offer a single point of accountability for complex electrical projects. This streamlines coordination, helping to complete projects on time and on budget with turnkey assistance..

You Need it..

Customized panel boards, switchboards, motor control centers, enclosed control, enclosed breakers, safety switches and low/medium voltage switchgear.

We Create it.